Werner Kozek
Werner KozekDipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
CEO / 7 year ADAS hands on development experience over the whole cycle, mono, stereo and multiple camera 2D/3D surround view systems, 20 years embedded signal processing, more than 50 Patents most of which are licensed and more than 50 publications at leading conferences and top journals.
Bert Schüszler
Bert SchüszlerDipl.-Ing.
6 years ADAS development experience at Tier 1 automotive supplier, embedded SW, signal-processing algorithms on different DSPs and embedded Controllers
Martin Kozek
Martin KozekDipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Control Engineering / analytical and data-based modeling and simulation of both linear and non-linear systems / creation of adaptive models for vehicle dynamics / sensor fusion and state estimation
Iris KozekBSc.
CFO / Research / Marketing
Julian Schutsch
Julian SchutschDiplom physicist
2 years ADAS experience at Tier 1 automotive supplier, scheduler optimization, automatic performance testing, simulations, certified ISO 26262 CAE
Arthur Kozek
Arthur KozekMSc.
Image processing / Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Software testing / IT-Adminstration / Webdesign
Christian Ehrenberger
Christian EhrenbergerMSc.
C++ / Python / Software Testing